Ryan Burkett is a Painter, photographer, and Graphic designer who is passionate about the multiple mediums he uses to create a certain image and mood.

He currently displays his work at Carolyn Seiler studios, a local art gallery in Cocoa Village, FL. 

Ryan is currently studying Graphics technologies at Eastern Florida State College in Melbourne, FL. In 2015, Ryan graduated from Viera Highschool with certifications in both Adobe photoshop and Adobe illustrator. After EFSC Ryan plans to attend UCF where he will study Graphic design 

My process

My process for creating art is simple, I try to strike a mood with the audience and make you think emotionally and visually about the piece. Weather its painting, photography or Graphic design I always push myself to be the best at my craft and always try to  learn new techniques while coming up with new ideas. I try to challenge myself to be uncomfortable and take chances with my art. 


Paint, paint and paint again
— Ryan Burkett